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Making your ordinary day extraordinary!



We are Tim and Pam Smith. Having grown up in Abilene, Pam and I are proud to call Abilene home and we love to promote our city!  That being said, it was only natural for us to want to renovate and repurpose some old downtown buildings to a renewed glory for Abilenians and visitors alike to enjoy.  Located on the south side of the old T&P railroad, our building projects are in what is called the SoDA District, standing for South Downtown Abilene. This is also where we live, with our home situated in the northwest corner of the courtyard of our three-spaced venue called the SoDA District Courtyard. We are excited to see this area ignite with revitalization, with other investors building up the SoDA District with places such as The Mill winery, the SoDA Warehouse, Amendment 21 Whiskey Bar, Sita’s Cellar and The Stairs Club. Our newest partners have joined us in repurposing the site of the former Radford Grocery Supply and later the Matera Paper Co. which burned down in 2012. It is now home to Sockdolager Brewing Co. and Matera Gardens venue.  Just south of this hub of excitement is Oak St. Arbor, another venue located in a restored warehouse with the warm charm of beautiful brick walls, inviting woodwork and upscale fixtures.


We would love to show you why the SoDA District is just one more reason to choose Abilene to celebrate your special occasion or simply make your ordinary day extraordinary! Just go to our booking page, tell us what you are interested in and we’ll be more than happy to give you a tour!

Tim & Pam Smith

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